Deep Market Knowledge and Credibility

The Karson management team and its network of agents is composed of financial markets and insurance industry professionals with proven track records in senior positions at some of the world’s top firms. Their knowledge is based on many years of work experience serving a variety of roles from department heads of large banking groups to board members of large reinsurance companies.

The Karson management team has a reputation for innovation and has been associated with many first-of-a-kind transactions.

  • First catastrophe bond in 1994
  • First embedded value life securitization in 1998
  • First aircraft financial risk transfer program in 1998
  • First reinsurance market Regulation XXX transaction after the credit crunch

Proven Innovation

With $8.2 billion in K-Notes delivered to date, Karson is a leading provider of reserve and capital financing solutions to global financial institutions.

The K-Note is also becoming widely accepted as a qualifying form of collateral for several different insurance applications:

  • K-Note has received formal approvals from four U.S. State Insurance Departments (Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri and New York) indicating that the K-Note is eligible collateral for statutory reserve credit for reinsurance.
  • K-Note has received approvals from two U.S. State Insurance Departments indicating that the K-Note can be held as capital/an admitted asset.
  • K-Note was recently approved by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions in Canada (OSFI) to satisfy the collateral requirements of reinsurers that are not federally registered in Canada to post security in favor of their federally registered Canadian insurance company clients.

Senior Contacts/Relationships

Karson has developed a deep network of contacts at banks, insurance / reinsurance companies, pension funds, hedge funds, actuarial consulting firms and rating agencies.