Insurance Markets

Karson has established K-Notes as an accepted form of qualifying collateral for U.S. reserve credit for reinsurance and Canadian RSA’s as well as for capital financing as an admitted asset held by US regulated insurance companies.  K-Notes can be used for a wide spectrum of subject business applications:

  • short and long-dated maturities
  • variable or increasing / decreasing collateral or asset profiles
  • unsecured, partially secured or fully-secured structures (i.e., with / without security from the Client) 
  • reserve capital and collateral needs related to a variety of underlying business or contract types (e.g., life XXX/AXXX, variable annuity, stable value, long-term care and P&C risk)

Karson is also prepared to provide K-Notes for Solvency II applications.

K-Notes are structured to meet the strictest requirements of clients and their regulators and represent one of the most secure and highest-quality assets in the markets.