Asset / Loan Transformation

Insurance/Reinsurance company balance sheets contain a significant quantum of loans and illiquid assets, with limited financing utility because they are:

  • difficult to assign or pledge in current form (e.g., as collateral)
  • difficult to manage / custody
  • untradeable / illiquid / no external price or valuation

The Karson Loan Transformation Platform (LTP) converts loans and illiquid assets into readily-marketable securities that appeal to the wider capital markets:

  • listed, tri-party eligible securities: Standardized transformation process
  • price and risk transparency: Periodic, independent valuations
  • structuring transparency and homogeneity: Standardized structure and issue-related documentation

Transformed securities have significant benefits for insurance companies and can be used to access the scope and quality of financing resources required in the postā€financial crisis era:

LTP Table